The M Factor is a creation of mine that started because I wanted to share my passion with my friends. Photography is my lifetime passion, which for many reasons had never taken any form or shape. 
A couple of years ago, I decided to take the "big step". I bought my first dlsr camera (Nikon D3100) with the basic 17-55mm lens and started shooting. From the very first moment I saw a different world from inside the lens. I was showing friends my photos and they all started telling me "Wow, these are great..!!"....."Are these yours?..!!"
My second step was to start shooting pictures for my work (Travel & Tourism), so that I can use them to promote Greece as a destination. In my eyes (...and apparently in many more's...) the outcome was magical. I never thought that my lifetime passion would give me such energy and thirst to want more out of it.
The next step was to shoot events and happenings for my work, and offer the photos to my clients as an added value to my company's services. It is very rewarding to hear your clients saying "...thank you for this; this is a great present".
Wanting to get more out of it, I attended seminars in Nikon's photo school. I started from scratch and attended a few seminars given from top photographers that Nikon works with. The secret is only one... learn the basics and grab your gear and go out there and start shooting. The more you shoot... the more you learn. Photography is a "hands-on" activity; you need to embrace it and learn from it.
Today, I have upgrade to FX format and continue to shoot with even more passion.
The love I have for photography shows in the photos I shoot. Photography is a way of life... a way of thinking... a way of expressing yourself... "one picture, speaks a thousand words"
Thank you...